Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A History: Old Horse Knows the Way, by Dianwen

Guanzhong and Xipeng (two tacticians), followed the King of Qi on a crusade. Spring passed and winter came; they got lost on the way home with no guide available. Guanzhong suggested,"We can take advantage of the intelligence of old horses." And so they released old horses ahead of the army, and followed them as they would well go. Actually, they found the right way back.
As they marched in mountains and found no water, Xipeng said, "Ants live in the south side of a mountain in winter and in the north side in winter. There is water eight feet under ants' lair." So they dug ant liars and found water.
Despite Guanzhong and Xipeng's wisdom, they didn't regard learning from old horses and ants as shameful things to do. People nowadays, however, avoid admitting their ignorance and learning from the saint. Isn't the ignorance, then, their fault?

A History: Scrape The Bone Clear of Toxin, by Dianwen

Guanyu(famous general in Han dynasty) injured his right arm by a poison arrow in a battle. Poison permeated into his bone' soldiers urged him to return to camp for treatment, but Guanyu refused. So they went to search for good doctors as Guanyu's injury became more and more serious.
One day, came a doctor named Huatuo (earliest practitioner of surgery) who was asked to make a cure especially for Guanyu.

Huatuo said,"I'm afraid you'll get scared. Set a ring on a pillar, fasten the arm in the ring, and cover your eyes, Therefore I shall give you the operation."

Guanyu laughed and said,"It's not necessary." He gave Huatuo banquet. At the banquet, Guanyu began playing chess with others after drinking some wine, and at the same time he gave his arm to Huatuo. Huatuo cut the skin and flesh, then scraped the bone with a knife. People around were so terrified that they covered their eyes, while Guanyu lightly drank and played chess.

A full basin of blood had gathered by the end of operation. After Huatuo had sewed his arm, Guanyu came to his feet, laughed and said, "Now my arm stretches smoothly just like before. You are such a supernatural doctor, Mr.Huatuo!"
Huatuo said, "I had never saw anyone as extrodinary as you since I became a doctor. General is truly a good-man."

Just Me, Just You, by Jazmine

I'll do for other, before I ever do for myself,
but thats just me.

I'll give people second chances when they don't deserve them,
but thats just me.

Ill listen before I'll ever speak out,
but thats just me.

You have to crawl before you walk.
You have to walk before you run.
Run before you jump,
but when you jump,
jump high.

Attempt to be the best you,
because thats just you.

Liking and Wondering, by Jazmine

I really like you,
but I just can't tell people
   who you are.
But why should I care what they think?
Because I care about them!

But you make me happy; I just can't stop smiling when I'm around you, so the question is what do I do? Should I just go with what makes me happy?


Or please others. 

Move On . . . , by Jazmine

Sometimes I know, other times I just can't figure it out.
It's not that I have doubt, but if I did
       I wouldnt pout,
I'd just
    pick up
where I left off
and finish my route.

He Lied, by Jazmine

If he said he was perfect, he lied.
If he told you he wouldn't lie, he lied.
If he said you could always trust him, he lied.
If he said he would never hurt you or make a mistake, he lied.
When she woke up from her bad dream, she cried because he lied!


Fear, by Jazmine

My fear is losing you
My fear is that ill leave and you'll forget all about me.
My fear is that you'll replace me.
My fear is that wheen im gone you wont miss me.
Losing you is my fear.

Baby Star, by Jazmine

Baby you'er the air that I breathe,
My star that shines at night, makes my heart bright.
You give me a feeling deep in my soul that makes me know, I'm in love.
My heart beats triple when you're near me,
    baby me without you is like a heart with no beat,
you keep giving me what I need.

Love, by India

You don't know how I'm feeling.

I have yet to realize,

Desire inside me.

Can you see it in my eyes?

I tremble when I’m near.

Your warm air travels up my neck,

and I want you right then and there.

I just can't describe the feeling.

Dare I reach out to touch you?

Do you think you’d realize,

How much I want and need you?

Can you see it in my eyes?

Education, by India

Today education is a good thing to have in many ways. When you graduate, you can get a good job, go into the army, or just start a good life all together. You can’t do much without a high school diploma. Back when my mom was growing up, you really didn't need a high school diploma to get a job. You could go in the army and everything. Now, if you want to make it in life, it’s best to stay in school. And for teens that want to drop out, I wouldn't do it. That's a waste of life. You can get so much more out of life rather than dropping out.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Remember all the times laughing together,

sharing secrets and hanging out,

We always said friends forever,
and new what each other was all about,
We had fun all the time,
the days were bliss,
you were my partner in crime,
those are the days I miss,
The days that you wiped away my tears,
told me he wasnt good enough,
We shared each others fears,
stood by each others sides when times grew ruff,
I memorized everything about you friend,
now you are gone,
We said till the end,
Now I am alone,
You are still my best friend,
I am still here,
remember I have till the end,
Soon I will be near.

Charlie's Angel

The day that you left us
You didn't say good-bye.
God was calling his angel home,
There was no time to ask why.
How we cried when you left
The pain was felt by all.

Memories now is all we have
And your pictures on the wall.
Though I cannot see you,
I know that your still here.
In my memories you will always live,
In my heart you're always near.

Tears have fallen for you,
Some happy and some sad.
A man that I grew up to love,
A man I called my Grand-Dad.

We miss you very dearly,
You're missed very much.
You will never be forgotten,
You're in a child's touch.

I Miss You, by Jazmine

I wonder how the time can change,
When one second was mine, why the other feels strange?
My whole life turns out by the minute you go.
You didn't even look back, nor had the courtesy to show.
I used to imagine days, which have yet to come, what they would be about.
Now, I can't even sleep, scared that the dream that I will see, one day that will fall out.
Did I make it that easy for you to walk in and out of my life?
Now, I close the door when I see any ray of light.
All alone, I try to regain the strength and start a new day.
But I found myself lost as you used to show me the way.
I just want to ask her for one last time that –
Why did you make me laugh, when at the end you have to make me cry?
Why did you let me in, when at the end you say that I mean to pry?
All my life I had been walking under the sky.
But it was you who made me realize that it is blue.
Doesn't matter how strong I act, truth is I am always going to miss you.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Last Night

Last night words flew between us,
Words that stuck sharper than a dagger.
Love is more dangerous
Than a fully loaded gun
And we both learned that the hard way.

Last night tears ran heavily from my eyes
While you stood there and watched.
You stood away, not sure what to do.
I cast you away from me,
I didn't want you near me.
You left and I cried alone.

Last night you apologized to me for everything you did,
Everything you said and thought.
I couldn't accept your fake sorry.
I could finally see your fake love
Through the cracks in your mask.

Last night you broke me in two.
I spent the rest of the night alone
Without your arms around me.
Last night we said goodbye
Jazmine Williamson


In no way did I mean to want you so bad.
I never expected to crave your kiss.
I didn't think you would catch me if I fell.
You didn't think I would catch you if you fell.

I'm sorry I interrupted your life.
Forgive me for just barging in.
Now that I'm gone you can move on.
Now that you're gone I can move on.

I'm sorry for loving you with all my heart.
Forgive me for caring for you so intently.
You're sorry we were ever together.
I'm sorry I made us come together.

Strong, by Jazmine

Her eyes, so brown
Her cheeks, so rosey
Her hair, so black
Her arms so, cozy

Her smile, so happy
Her hands, so small
Her posture, so strait
She stands so tall.

She knows he's not coming back.
She knows he's gone.
Though she smiles
As if nothing's wrong.

She sheds no tears
She cries not at all
She hums so softly
Her smile never falls.

I Miss You . . . by Jazmine

The pain and the emptiness in my heart won't go away,

but I know I have to try and get through each day.
Saying one thing and then trying to see it through
seems much harder now than it used to do.
If only we could talk to each other and say "all is okay,"
it would make life so much more bearable today.

If you leave, dont ever come back! by Jazmine

You've opened old feelings
These that took years to begin healing

But you find your way through me
Like a map, you know where to find the soft in me

I cannot help but give in
I miss your heart, I used to live in

Don't leave me again!

I'm vulnerable but I can't keep this invisible shield
Any longer, I can't yield

If you leave, do not ever return
'Cause if you do my heart won't seize to yearn.

Time Passes, by Jazmine

Time elapses,
Time passes,
It has a mind of its own,
Time goes by so quikly, it makes me want to moan,
And since time goes by so fast,
Make all the time you have last.

Tear, by Jazmine

I tried to not show how I felt
the day you broke my heart,
It sucked in everything I had
because I knew I had my pride,
but just that one simple tear that
went down my face and I swore to
you that my pain was real, but
even by letting that one tear fall
was a mistake I made by showing
you, you really did break my heart.

It's My Time, by Jazmine

I've been in a rough situation lately

All of these things running through my mind,

Not knowing what to do or say

And wanting to leave all that's bad behind,

I decided I needed time for myself

Time to just let out and be me,
Time to go on and see what the future has for me.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What I'm Celebrating, by Camaron

I think people loose track of what there is to be happy for and to celebrate.They loose track of this because there are too many negative things around them like their parents fighting or they are tied up in the wrong crowd. I think people should pull out the things that are worth celebrating for and focus on them instead of the negative things. I believe that if everybody would do that the world would be better.

I celebrate everyday for something .I believe that you should if it just makes you happier and in a better mood all the time. When you don't focus on the bad stuff, you also have a clearer mind and you can get school done or you can get whatever job you are trying to do. When I get older, I will still feel the same way about this.

I celebrate for just being alive and in good condition, just being able to wake up and do what I want to do. Instead of a dictator telling you what to do should be worth celebrating for, but people tend to forget about stuff like that when it never happed to them. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is to always look on the up side because things could always get worse and I'm sure there is someone out there worse off than you. So don't worry be happy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Tour of Duke University, by Dianwen

It's an ideal Saturday, after-rain, clear and cool. I started the pleasant journey to the west campus of Duke by bike as the sun withdrew its domination of the temperature. This time I picked as many available roads in the shade of forests as possible; the difference in temperature and air between forest path and streets was a great surprise.

It only took about 80 minutes to get there with all those traffic lights green. Ha. A length of path in campus smelled precisely of grape juice, thanks to some blooming trees hiding from me. I sought out a better area where more fancy old buildings and plants lie and more Blue Devils gathered around. I admire them.

The Art museum ticket is free on Thursday, the only day I stayed at home in spring break mending a busted front tire. From there, I moved on because there are more Thursdays that lie beyond. I feel excited about this fact.

I hesitated several more times before taking myself down from the bike where I could see bodies and tops of old towers which seemed pretty nice. I went into a tall tower to find out why it was built so large and singing music of organ. Ah, now don't you laugh at me. If you already know that it is a church, I should have taken you along.

A group of young Indians was just coming out. "So what do you want to see next?" Asked a boy.
"Flowers." A girl answered. And they walked away.

They might be with a student guiding his relatives. I pushed the door open and realized at once where I'm going. The beauty and greatness inside multiplied in times. It reminds me of facing the ocean and the starful sky. Few people were in but it is never empty. Taking pictures, slowly tracing the path, trying to knock the whole of it in their mind. Some people sat, felt, and prayed in silence. A mosquito here would pray before stinging.

Plants here grow better than many other places I've been so far these months. Maybe it's the soil or climate. There is a piece of land with a big stack of flowers in the same shape: I fooled myself counting their colors.

I used to see marks left by people on architectures, but here those old corridors and architectures stand without a scratch.

A crowd of students set up potlucks for funding in a backyard like area. I bought a sandwich and the money will be donated for ill kids. They seemed to quite enjoy what they were doing.

There are many tourists hanging about as well. Wind blows a Chinese word or two from either students or tourists. I wander imagining that I'm a student of this university, and have fun pretending to be.

I captured a swing chair to finish the itty-bitty sandwich. It has six seats in total, with a table not right in the middle but close to one row and far from the other, so either a skinny or plump body can fit in.

There is a library beside the church with few people in it today. Time was running out, if I didn't leave at once I would reach home in dark. I saw no more than historical and statistical books. A guy studied over an immense terrestrial globe. He was scratching his head as I passed back. It's so quiet, but the doors can't help shutting themselves aloud.

The campus is much more peaceful now. I laughed at the idea that I'm always welcome to have a visit, but that's all. I enjoy this rich afternoon.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Such a Perfect Girl, by Jorden

you told me a lie
you said you loved me
I believed you but why?
I guess it was all just a game
maybe I thought you were different
that you wouldn’t be the same.
I was such a fool
to trust in everything you said
I thought I loved you!
your words cut my heart like a knife
when the truth came out
baby, I loved you, you were my life.
you heard all of my fears
all my secrets all my dreams
you would listen until I broke down in tears.
but none of that matters anymore:
you obviously never cared
you had to go and shut that door.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The End, by Jazmine

Stuck in a cycle with no end
I feel as though the world will end
If you leave me alone now my friend
And if you should just chose to stray
I'll hold this cross at night and pray
For your return to our sacred place
The day I get to see your face
We'll spin and laugh and dance and cheer
For to my heart you will again be near
No more negative thoughts of sorrow
For I will see you again tomorrow
In the sun we stay together
Like two birds of a feather
We soar up high on the swing
And watch as leaves dance in the wind.
We'll enjoy our time in this light
For you must take your leave tonight
Though you'll leave me alone I won't cry
Because I'm sure this isn't our last goodbye

Cry, byJazmine

You hugged me as if i was dying;
Even though I was just crying;
Those tears I cried felt almost like glass
As they shattered all over the grass
I kept on crying
Until I saw your tearful eyes
And saw the person who I thought never cried
I realized that we feel the same pain
Like a thousand shards of shattered tears
There was no longer any fear.

Have You Ever? by Jazmine

Have you ever felt so worthless,
That you would do anything to hear someone say they care?
Have you ever cried yourself to sleep,
Even after someone said 'I love you. Get some sleep'?
Have you ever spoke to someone like they meant everything to you,
And they still talked down upon you?
Have you ever had to hide your face,
Just so no one saw the tears well up?
Have you ever been so caught up in the past,
That you'd still arguing knowing that you are more than wrong?
Have you ever had someone tell you to text them if you were bored,
But wouldn't because you didn't want to ruin their day?
Have you ever felt empty,
Because you were never needed for anything?
Have you ever hung your head,
Because you weren't strong enough?
Have you ever looked at you reflection,
And asked,
Am I really worth it?

Smile, by Jazmine

new ways
meeting new people
And she was herself
in such a short time
one steals her heart
and she'll always remember
this person
who made her laugh
and helped her realize
that life's better
when you look through a smile.

Obsession, by Jazmine

I just wanted to feel your touch,
At last I had direction,
This thing I want so much,
Was you, perfection.

The nights gone,
But your still around,
It's been so long,
Since I heard your voice sound.

You came into the corner of my sight,
And became the center of my attention,
For the rest of that night,
You were my obsession.

Not Sorryby Jazmine

I'm not sorry that you weren't there
I'm not sorry that you don't care
I'm not sorry that we don't get along
Right now I'm singing my own song
I'm not sorry that you're not here
Right now I don't live in fear
I'm not sorry that you don't call
Without you my life isn't dull
Without you I learned to stand alone
I will not be another clone
You had a choice and yours is made

Just Smile, by Jazmine

Laugh out loud,
being in the center of the crowd.
Keep a smile on your face,
pretend you have so much grace.
So no one sees you're dying inside,
you show no emotions and try and hide.
How can you believe in such a thing as fate,
when you walk around with so much weight?
Holding up others,
like they are your sisters and brothers.
Things that drag you so deep down,
i don't know how you don't drown.
You go on with your life,
hiding the scars you made with the knife.
Always there for your friends,
though you are wishing for the end.
Keep a smile on your face,
and wipe those tears from their place.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The First Non-violent Civil Rights Movement, by Robert

The first non-violent civil rights movement was led by an Indian named Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was a spiritual leader of India. He led the people of India to independence for civil rights and freedom across the world because the British were taking over their country and land of India.

Gandhi’s first civil rights movement begin in the year 1893 in South Africa where Indians were struggling for  independence from the British Emprie and at that time Gandhi was a lawyer. Gandhi believed in non-violence when he was protesting against the British Empire. Whenever a Gandhi follower fought back during the civil rights movement, Gandhi would starve himself to death until his people quit fighting. The reason why he would starve himself is because Gandhi was a Hindu, which is a peace-promoting religion.

When the people were fighting back in the movement they were fighting in his name, but Gandhi didn’t like that at all, so he starved himself. It took at least 52 years for Indians to regain control over their country; it’s all thanks to Gandhi for the peaceful civil right movement that he had made. If wasn’t for Gandhi the British Empire might still control India.

Fairness, by Robert

To me people are people and color or black doesn’t mean anything to me. I’m not sure why people are hateful toward seach other because of their race. I’m respectful to everybody and I judge people based on how well they treat me.

Mexico Vs Corea del Norte, by Omar

I spent the other night over at my friend’s house. They live in Durham. I bought a big bag of hot Cheetos for a snack and some Coca Cola. We got to his house and started playing FIFA on his PS3 and waited for other to arrive.  FIFA is the best soccer game that I’m good at.

At 8:00PM, we changed the channel and started to watch the Mexico and North Korea soccer game. The game started out good because North Korea was pretty good. Mexico made the first goal around 50 minutes into the game.  After the goal player for North Korea noticed the easy goal Mexico made,  his team got a little better.

 The game was lasting too long and I had to go home because I didn’t feel safe driving out my friend’s neighborhood at night. Before I went home, I went to eat some food at McDonald’s with my brother. I got home around 1:00AM. I was very tired and went straight to sleep. I woke up early to see the result of the game. The score was 2 – 1 and Mexico had won! I can’t wait for the Copa Mundial FIFA 2010 in South Africa, especially because the first game will be Mexico vs. Africa on June 11,2010.

Being a NC State Fan, by Seth

 It can be frustrating being an NC State fan, always not knowing what games we should win, could win, or might not win. They can be so unpredictable at all times. There’s no telling what to say at the beginning of the sporting years. This basketball year we did ok (Barley better record then Carolina =D). Speaking of North Carolina, they’re a very young team and next year should be three times better. I’m not looking forward to it that much.

Anyway, State made it to the third round of the ACC Tournament. We ended up losing to Georgia Tech by three points. Javier Gonzales made a lot of bad choices in that game that probably cost us the game at certain points. We had so many opportunities to win that game too. But of course NC State didn’t take advantages of them. We had a last second three point try too, but Javier missed it. We always got next year! (What we always say.)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Rednecks, by Lindsey

 I think people think the wrong thing about rednecks. Not all of us are loud and obnoxious. I hate it when people judge us because of how we dress. With our cowboy boots, our rebel flag t-shirts, and our big belt buckles. I’m not racist, I’m just proud of where I came from. 

 I hate it when people think that the Rebel Flag is racist. I mean it’s history. Just because there’s a few people in the world who use it to mean something else doesn’t mean that everyone does. What’s the difference in other cultures wearing the flags they came from on their shirts and pants and everything else, and rednecks wearing them on their shirt?

Work and Learning Styles, by Dianwen

Do people accomplish more when they are allowed to do things in their own way?
Just like James Watson had concluded, "There is more than one way of doing good science," there is more than one way of doing good jobs. 

Different people fit in different ways, despite their personalities. Some people accomplish more when they are allowed to do things in their own way, while some others don't. Creative people may find things go better without heavy structure. Creative people prefer working freely, because brilliant ideas may catch up to their mind at any time. To them, rules can appear to be the fences of a jail, blocking lights from an illuminating mind, pressing shadows to the imagination. These people are commonly known as artists, writers, musicians, ITs, inventors, architectes, and many other talented discoverers.  James Watson was famous for always"lounging around, arguing about problems instead of doing experiments." Deliberation and liberty contributes to their discovery process. 

To some people, creation may not feed them bread.They are more responsive to rules. Orders may help them get work done.The focus on features and details also helps them to comprehend what to do next, so they can apply themselves into the agenda. For example, accouter, administrator, manager, secretary, reporter, analyst, and others all plan stages more vividly, therefore they remain cool. By this way, things go in order, and so they go well!
In the other hand, works can be divided into two types, each meets a specific purpose. The two types of works correspond with the two types of persons I mentioned. Little skill is needed to identify types of works, but it requires ability to arrange workers well.
One type of work requires plenty of new and smart ideas on a subject for further examination. For example, the widely used "brain-storm", when people activate their mind with short-term, strong self-concentration, feeling smart, and popping creative ideas. This works in fields such as advertising, inventing, and guessing puzzles. Letting people act in their own way may make them more successfully.
The other kind of work are relatively minute and complected, and requires accuracy. People have to maintain an focused, structured mind to avoid error. If there are no clear instructions, it is the last thing in the world I will do according to the high possibility of ending up with things completely messed up. Some of these fields are statistics, analyzing, accounting, administration, and others. These things need more orders and rules in order to work faster and more accurate.

I think this might be a reference to help figure out issues better and faster.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Book Review: Grace After Midnight, by India

In this next section, we learn more about Snoop's childhood. She played with dolls. Shelia was Barbie and Snoop was Ken. They played house, mama and daddy. Snoop said she was the most developed girls at 5 or 6 because she already had a "little booty." Shelia was her first real girlfriend. Thier song was L L Cool J "I Need Love." She said it was kind of funny, her dreaming of being the man of her family as a little girl. She would often go to this girl's house and would have sleep overs. The girl would always pretend to be asleep and in then Snoop would mess with her. Snoop knew the girl wasn't sleep, But she acted as she was. Sex gets people confused, and crazy.

This next chapter is talking about church and how she use to go to church so much. When Snoop was younger, she used to love going to church. But as she got older, she wanted to be outside more and to experiment new things. She would love to go to the corner store and get candy, to just sit outside her mama's stairs at her house. She would go to the beauty parlor, and the liqour store where old winos "spun their stories about back in the day." 

She used to go to her friend Curtis' house across the street where they both liked to watch Knight Riders. One day Snoop had a dream about being a Knight Rider: they couldn't die, they could go through fire, nothing could stop or destroy them. Then one day her friend Curtis called her a "Butch" an she beat him up. She was beating him so bad that random people had to break the fight up. 

Some months later she had surgery on her eye. She had to wear glasses for two years straight. She would always break her glasses and have to get new ones.

Gratitude for You, by Jazmine

You are my inspiration;
You are my push, to do better.
You are someone, I call "Mom."
You are my motivation;
You are the smile on my face.
You give me love that cannot be replaced;
You take up what feels like empty space.
You are who you are.
And I am who I am.
I'm so glad that your around.

"What's the Most Difficult Experience You Faced?" by Jazmine

The most difficult thing that I've experienced is having to attend three different elementary school's. From Elon, to Haw River, to Efland Cheecks, it was always something different. Friends constantly changed, as did teachers and the environment. Moving to different schools, I got the chance to experience a lot, good and bad. But at each school I grew and learned new and different things.

At each school I grew close to lots of people, so when told I was moving, again, it was hard to accept the fact that I would have to start all over. My elementary years are kind of a blur, I don't remember teachers nor friends. But changes work for the best, even though Efland was so country, and I never wanted to move here, I'm sure that I have built some life-long friendships, and I have experienced lots of laughter and great times.

"What would I risk for the people that I love?" by Jazmine

I would risk a lot for the people I love, but only if they loved themselves enough to take their own risk. When it comes to family, friends, and even mentors the people that mean and do so much for me, I'm willing to risk it all. Risking oneself for others is sometimes a big and doubtful situation.

You go back and forth in your head, wondering is it really worth it?
And you often ask yourself, would this person risk themselves for me?
But that's selfish, you should do for others what you would want done to or for you. Taking risk for others and even for yourself comes with life's lesson: You cant always have what you want, sometimes you must risk yourself for others and sometimes even for yourself.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Big "Why?" by Jazmine

"I have always wondered why..."

Why have you wondered why?
Why have you wondered why I don't seem to care,
well there's a reason but I don't care to share.

Why wonder why, why lie?
Why look me in the eye saying those rude things to make me cry?
But I never lie; I just don't care if you cry or try to make this something more than what it is, but why?
Why continue to do the things you do and wonder why, because it only pleases you, but what about me?'

But I remember now, I'm just something else that you forgot about, something that you never cared about,
but I won't sit and pout nor doubt why you wondered why.

A Tribute to Love, by India

It takes two special people,

To make a loving pair.

There's a joy just being around you,
A feeling we love to share.
We send anniversary wishes to you,
For years of joy and pleasure.
May each year keep getting better,
With memories to treasure.

Cool Teacher, by India

Ms. Peterson,
I look forward to going to your class, 
every morning
when I come to school.
You're an awesome teacher;
I think you're very cool.
You're smart and fair and friendly;
You're helpful to all of us.
And if I got to grade you,
From me you'd get A+!

Amazing Best Friend, by India

You know when you are so amazed at how you could ever find that special friend whom shares your every moment? Who reaches for you exactly how you hoped, and always, always, helps make your dreams come true?! That's what my best friend is to me. We are inseparable! I love you Jazzie G!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who Are You? by Jazmine

Who are you to tell me what to do?
Who are you?
Who are you to tell me that I've hurt you?
But you was never there to care for me.
So who are you?

Are you the man I call "dad"?
You're the only man who makes me mad.
I'd sit around waiting for that phone call.
That phone call that never came.
You lied, again.
Left me sitting there crying, wondering when?
When you would change,
But who was to blame?
Me or You? "I'd ask myself"
"What did I do?"

Stick to Itness, by Isabel

You help me when things go wrong,
You sing to me my favorite song.
Everyday you would look out for me, while other people would let me be.

You buy me things that make me excited,
And talk to me in way delighted.
You tried to comfort me when I was mad,
 And when you couldn’t it, made you sad.

When you came over, you’d bring me surprises,
in all different shapes and sizes.
You told me things I never thought could be,
You made me open my eyes and see.

You loved me when I wasn’t sure if I loved you.
You stuck to me like glue.
You thought about me everyday, and took me on vacation by day.

You and me, together as one…you told me, always having fun. <3

Street Lights, Street Signs, by Isabel

I wish there were traffic lights on the roads of the mind.
then they’d be a little more kind.

I wish there were red lights so they could stop and know,
when things move too fast,
when it’s time to go slow.

Yellow lights, to say “Move with care,” – but for them to stop would be rare.
Green lights to show that I’m willing.

A ‘no outlet’ sign and hold it up above to tell you there’s no way out of my love.
I wish I could hold up a ‘no U turn’ to tell you not to turn around,
once your on the road, there is no turning back.
Unless those feelings, you want to give back..

Tears would slowly roll down this street,
The street becomes a stream and my face would no longer beam.

Warm Weather Adventures, by Jonathan

One thing I always look forward to the most, especially after the nippy weather of winter, is summer because everything is better when it’s hot! Summer for me begins amazing and then gradually gets better. It starts off with a bang: School is over and my B-day, on June 19, is the next thing coming my way. Birthday parties were never really my thing, but it’s nice to know that an important person like me is richly celebrated.

 After that the real “Warm Weather Adventures” begin.  I hit up Oak Island beach with my cousins and a couple of friends to live it up and enjoy the intense night life. My cousin’s mom owns a beach house down there so we officially stay there for weeks at a time. If the ocean gets monotonous, then the next lively activity to enjoy is the smaller waters of N.C, the lake.

Ever since I was a little boy the most recent lake trip was always fresh in my head and the need for another was always present in my personality. My lake buds and I always have a chill time up at the freshwater, doing water sports like jamming on the wakeboard and toobin it up. The best part at the end of a long day on the water is gathering up the boys and lighting up a good ol’ fashion brush fire and standing around it roasting weenies and sweet succulent marshmallows, filling thy gut to my hearts content. But it doesn’t end, there is still a grand summer left at home.

Rural Life vs. City Life, by Josh-1

Rural life is different from city life because everything is at a slower pace. Also, in rural areas people treat each other better than in a big city where most people care only about them selves and what pertains directly to them. Most people around here will go out of their way to help you. It’s like that in small rural towns. In large cities there is more gang activity than in small towns. Rural life is a better environment to grow up in.

Family History: Life Back in the Day, by Layne

I talked to my grandma about how life was when she was growing up. She said it was a lot different than how it is today. She talked about the changes in our society and how blacks started to be able to go to school with whites. She told me when she was in high school that there were only four blacks in the whole school. She thought they were very brave to come to that school. Another thing my grandma and I talked about was when she was a child she and all her siblings took the bus a lot, and she was around when blacks where able to sit anywhere on the bus.

Country Life vs. City Life, by Kimber

I think are many differences between country life and city life.  I have never really lived in the city so I am not truly sure that I wouldn’t like it, but I have lived in the country all of my life and I do know that I love that. 

I love everything about it. I love how peaceful it is all the time and I love how I can walk outside on almost any night and get a perfect unobstructed view of the stars.  I love how, depending on where you live, most people who live out in the country know everybody else who lives in the country, and even if they don’t they are always friendly in passing.  

Now I am sure that city life is not that bad but it is all in what you like and what you are used to. Still, I do not think there is anything quite like living in the country.  It is perfect.  I love everything about where I live and I would not change it for anything.

Man, I Feel You, by J.R.

The game was tide in the bottom of the seventh and I came to the plate. I was so tired that my eyes were dripping sweat. Well, the pitcher threw the ball down the heart of the plate and I hit it over the left field fence to win the game! Man, Jeter, I know how it feels to win walking in style.

I Feel Good About Life When, by Tiffany

I feel good about life when I am doing what I have to succeed in life, like going to school and to work on the days I am supposed to be there. I also feel good about life when there are no problems going on. Now, don’t get me wrong. I know everybody has problems but there are some I would want to avoid.

There are many things that make me feel good about life especially when I think about all the things I have done in my life and how far I really am: Jjust one more year left of high school then off to college. It’s not too much longer, and it makes me think of the struggles through school that I have got through. These are the things, that when I think about them, make me feel good about life!

You Are My Forever Love, by Jorden

Your friendship and love,
And all the wonderful things
That they bring into my life,
Are like nothing else
I have ever known.

My heart is complete
With the love we share,
And our love grows more
Beautiful each day.

I love you,
And as long as we are together,
I have everything I need.

You are with me always...
In a smile, a memory, a feeling
Or a moment we share.

You will always be
My Forever Love

A Raisin in the Sun, by Stefon

Well my favorite character in the play is Walter. Walter is my favorite because Walter can sometimes be like me: I get mad sometimes for no reason. When he is mad at something else, he tries to share his dreams and goals with his wife and family but they tell him that he can’t do it because the money belongs to your mother. They also ask why he needs to open up a liquor store anyway as much as he drinks. But, Walter he never gives up on his dreams.  

Beneath is another character I like because she is someone who is determined to do something with her life. She wants to go to college and have an education, which reminds me of myself right now. I am basically trying to do the same thing. I want to graduate high school, go to college, and do something with my life instead of just throwing it all away.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Love Is, by Jorden

Love Is ...

Love is the greatest feeling,
Love is like a play,
Love is what I feel for you,
Each and every day,
Love is like a smile,
Love is like a song,
Love is a great emotion,
That keeps us going strong,
I love you with my heart,
My body and my soul,
I love the way I keep loving,
Like a love I can't control,
So remember when your eyes meet mine,
I love you with all my heart,
And I have poured my entire soul into you,
Right from the very start.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Family Research: Back in the Day, by Tiffany

When I asked my grandma how things were during the Civil Rights movement when she was young, she said many different things. She said that it was sad that blacks and whites weren’t allowed to go to the same school and couldn’t  do anything together. There was people dying and acting crazy everyday . She said there were many different things going on.

It didn’t really bother her that blacks and whites didn’t go to the same school because she never went to school with them,  but she was so young she didn’t really understand what was going on. So she was unsure what was really going on besides what was on the t.v. and news.

She says she remembers when Martin Luther King Jr died it was all over  the t.v. and news. That was all you heard about she didn’t really know what to expect. After all that everything was starting to change: They  were slowly putting blacks and whites in the same school  just to see how each of them would react to each other. It wasn’t a good experience she says. Things got worse. There was no peace in schools and you couldn’t learn anything because there was so much stuff going on in the class.

Black, by Na'Quana

I think Black is a very meaningful color.
Black is Beautiful. Black is creative.
Black is most of all Bold, no smears or signs of fear in Black.
Black is solid.

When I think of “Black” I think of Martin Luther King Jr.
I think its funny how, there was segregation when he was alive, yet when he died they grieved over him. Everybody now struggles to keep King’s Dream alive. He wanted to see that one day Blacks would be equal, and will be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. We now have a marked day on the calendar in remembrance of him. But many still believe in racism.

Family History: Back in the Day, by Chris

About things in the past, my grandmother said that when she lived on a farm, there were always black people working in fields.  Some of them owned their own farms.  The African American people went to different schools separate from the white people.  If a black person went in a store, they would have to wait until the white people were served.  Black and white people had there own churches. 

When the black people worked on the farms, some of them were treated well, some were not.  Some of the black people worked in homes as servants.  My great, great grandpa had a black woman that stayed in the house as a servant.  Most of the black servants were real good cooks and, did a lot of baby sitting.  Most older black people were called “aunt” and “uncle” by the white children.  My grandmother lived next door to a black family; they were good neighbors and helped each of the white people in the community.  The black family had some deaths and the white people would go to the funerals and carry food to help the people.  My grandmother said it’s good the white and black people get along today.

Shooting Team, by Lindsey

                Shooting team is one of the only things I have ever cared about. My whole life I’ve always been kind of a tough girl. I’ve liked the outdoors and getting dirty. So my 8th grade year when I was at Stanford I started the Orange High School Shooting Team. It’s pretty much a guy’s thing but there are a couple of girls that can do it, like me.
                Shooting Team is something that the FFA (Future Farmers of America) do every year. It starts at the end of hunting season and goes all the way to the beginning of April. There are three possible competitions that you can go to. Regional’s are the first stage if competition, State’s are the second, and if your team does excellent in both of these then you might get to go to Nationals.
                This year I made the number three team to go to Regional’s. My team consists of myself and four other people. We will have to shoot Shotgun, Rifle, and Bow’s. Also we have to take a wildlife test and do a Compass Course. This is one of the only reasons that I even try to keep my grades up or come to school.

Dreams, by Kasey

My dream after high school is to go to UNC-Wilmington College. I love sports and always have. I have been playing softball ever since I was five years old. I also have been playing basketball since I was eight years. I played softball, basketball, and volleyball my 7th grade year of school of middle school. Then I just played softball my 8th grade year.

Since I started high school I have always played softball on the team here at orange. So with all this being said, I am not really sure what I want to major in when I go to college. But I do know that I want to do something with sports. I have thought about doing sports med, becoming a sports trainer, a gym teacher, or just helping little kids with softball.

I want to move to the beach and start a family. I have always loved the beach so that’s where I find myself living in the next few years. I see myself marrying my best friend Matt and having two awesome kids. I would like for us to have a very nice beach from house. Matt already has a job as a United States Army Soldier. I love this boy to death and don’t know what I would do without him. I can’t picture myself being with anyone else but him. So I can’t wait until we move into together somewhere at the beach and start a family.

Dreams Deferred, by Denise

What happens to a dream deferred?
If you get out of high school and have this great dream to achieve
And something happens really bad, you probably will not to want to do it .

But your dreams are what you are and what you pursue in your life. 
If you let them go you might not be able to get them back. 
Only if you work your hardest and manage your life. 
You could throw away your whole life. 
You only get one chance to show what you are and love.

Paintball, by Nathan

Paintball is one of the world’s  most fun  sports to play.  I started playing paint ball when I was invited to my stepdads friend’s birthday party at a paintball place.  It took awhile for me to catch on to the game and get to the point where I didn’t run out of paint in the first few minutes.  That was back when I was 12. I played for a little bit longer after that mostly at birthday parties and then stopped because it was getting to expensive.
                Then this past year before me and my mom and sister took a trip to New York to see our cousins over the summer.  My two cousins invented me to go up to Jim Thorp, Pennsylvania to play paintball at Skirmish USA at the annual reenactment of the invasion of Normandy.  It was 3 days of almost non-stop paintball. 
                When we got there we set up our tents and food and started getting ready for the next day and the start of the games.  There was close to 3,000 people there.  There were two major teams there, the Allie team which consisted of US, France, and Canada, and the German team.  There were also two mercenary teams for hire. 
                The first day was the longest day and the most fun day I’ve had so far, but the whole weekend was fun!  It started at 12 in the afternoon.  We got a brief description of the rules and regulations and then we took up our passions.  The German team (me, my cousins, and my cousin’s friend, and about 1,000 other people) would defend the beach as long as possible.  The allied team would try and take the beach.  The German team could move out on to the beach to a certain point and couldn’t go farther.   The Germans could also close the boats that the allies were coming out of by killing (taking out) all the people that came out three  times, then they wouldn’t use the boat anymore.
                It was 2 hours before our group ran out of paint and had to go back to get more, but by then we were hungry and wanted to rest.  The Germans held the beach area for 2-3 more hours before being pushed out.  That whole weekend has turned me on to paintball again and has got me going up there again to do it all again!!!  

$H03 W0RLD! by Lorenzo

Shoes are what’s up in the year 2010! Man shoes are like a drug and I am addicted. I like all kinds of shoes, stuff I have never since before. I like to get shoes that nobody has or seen. Nikes, Coogi, Black Label, Levis, Chuck Taylors. My mom likes shoes too. She is like a Hills freak. lol She almost has more shoes than me. Well, actually she does. I think the best shoes in world are too many! That’s how much I like shoes.     

A Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry. Reviewed by Seth

This story is about an African American family from Chicago who receive 10,000 dollars. They have always been working hard to stay strong as a family. Mama is, obviously enough, the head of the house hold, as it’s easy to tell throughout the story. Walter, her son, is the husband of Ruth and the brother of Beneatha. Walter and Ruth have a child named Travis, and they all live together in one apartment. When they all get 10,000 dollars they just don’t know what to do first.

            The family receives the money through the life insurance of Mama’s
late husband, Walter Younger Sr. The family has so many ideas of what to put the money towards. Just about every family member wants to do something different with the money. Walter wants to invest in some liquor stores, Beneatha wants to put some towards school (college), and Mama wants everyone just to be happy and smart with the money. Then there was Mama’s trust in Walter, which she shows by giving Walter 6,500 dollars.

            After putting 3,500 down on a house that Mama has got for the family, she finds Walter at the Kitty Kat (Bar) and gives him 6,500 dollars after a long talk. Walter responds with, “You trust me like that Mama?”, as he couldn’t believe she just did that. It ends up being a mistake on Mama’s part. Walter ends up putting the money into liquor stores with Bobo and Willy. Later on, Bobo addresses Walter in tears telling him, “Willy’s gone! Willy’s gone! He ran off with the money!”. Walter has to break the news to the family now.

            The family, after hearing about it, was in more pain then anger at Walter, I believe. Beneatha has her college dreams crushed, Ruth thinks they can’t move now, and Mama just can’t believe it. I believe that Walter was just trying to do what he thought was best for his family. Walter’s next plan was to accept the deal from Mr. Linder, which was if they stayed out of Clybourne Park (whites only lives there) then he would give him 3,500 back and more. Walter ends up being a strong leader in the end and declines the deal and decides to move, which makes his family really happy.

            I think the Younger’s have been through a lot, but in the end I think they were going be alright. Walter became a strong father figure and leader by declining the deal, Mama still is the head of the house, and Beneatha is still trying to make money for school/college, and Ruth is two-months pregnant. I think this story was great and should be a good choice of material to read.

Love, by Adriana

Why do people want to be in LOVE?
It definitely isn’t to be heartbroken.
Some people stay in LOVE for as long as a lifetime
but other LOVE fades away.

What does LOVE mean to ME?
I really don’t know.

Cora Unashamed, Movie Review, by Carissa

I would definitely recommend the movie Cora Unashamed to anyone. It’s about a strong African American woman named Cora, who throughout most of her life went through many hardships, but never once was ashamed.

This movie is mostly about love. Cora met a white man named Joe, who she fell hard and fast for, but before she knew it he had to leave. He promised her he would come back for her someday. She was completely crushed, but still kept somewhat of an open mind to seeing him again. She would often have dreams about times where they had hung out and how good she felt whenever she was with him. The reason she did hold on to the thought of him for as long as she was because she became pregnant from him. Never once was Cora ashamed of this.
She named her daughter Josephine after the father, Joe. Josephine became everything to Cora. When her daughter turned about seven, she got very sick with the whooping cough. She died shortly after. Cora never thought she could love anyone or anything again, she felt alone and lifeless. She overcame this devastating loss by finding comfort in the Studevant’s daughter Jessie who at one point was very close to Josephine. Cora treated Jessie as if she were her own daughter. She was then once again filled with joy.

But, Mrs. Studevant was a mean rude lady who pushed herself upon people, especially Jessie who could never seem to make her mom proud of her. Mrs. Studevant admitted she was ashamed of how Jessie acted. When Jessie started falling for a boy who she didn’t approve of she did everything in her power to mess it up. When Jessie found out she was pregnant she told her mother and she forced Jessie to get an abortion. Jessie then got very sick and later died from it. Cora felt like once again her heart was being torn from her chest. She told everyone the truth about the real reasons why Jessie died. Cora was never ashamed!

Sports, by Dylan

I like playing sports, I have always liked playing sports ever since I could walk. The most recent sport I got into is lacrosse I used to think that lacrosse was a sport for rich people, but one day I picked up a lacrosse stick and I liked it.

Luckily, I got interested in it before this season started. I had doubts in my mind that I wasn’t going to make the team, but I did. The first scrimmage that we had against JF Web, I was second string start. We were supposed to have our first game Wednesday but it got canceled because of the stupid snow. I was mad that the game got canceled because I was ready for the game. I had it in my mind that we were going to win the game.   

Sports and Grades, by Dylan

Why would sports and clubs have an impact on your grades and school work? Well if you don’t do the work in school, then you don’t get to participate in your club or you don’t get to play in the game. So it all falls back in what you do in the classroom. So if you want to play, you’re going to have to work hard in your class and get your grades up. This will give you eligibility for your sport and club. Also it helps you when you’re in sports to get healthier. When you’re at practice everyday your not sitting on you’re behind watching TV, and eating. You then are up and active during the day.

The Weekend, by Garrett

I plan on writing my blog as a free write because they are the easiest to write and I love to tell stories of my days. I had a very interesting weekend so I figure that I would write about it. This weekend was actually pretty boring honestly. I didn’t do much and I didn’t feel like doing anything at all. Friday night, all I did was go to my girlfriend’s, Stephanie’s, house and fall asleep. We were watching a movie and I just passed out. I gave blood earlier in the day during OHS’s blood drive, and it just made me feel really bad and tired.

Once I woke up, I ate some lasagna that her mother made me that was very good! I left her home around 11:30 and went back to my house and passed out asleep. Saturday I got to actually sleep in for once in a blue moon, but it wasn’t that long. I woke up around 10:30 and figured out I was going to the mall with Stephanie to go watch a movie but once we got there they dumb man told me it was sold out, so I punched him straight in the dome. Just kidding! But really, I wasn’t too happy.

But, we did get the day to walk around the mall for a little while and find her some shoes for prom which we still haven’t decided anything else about yet. Saturday evening, Stephanie came over for a little while and that was my Saturday night. I really don’t have much of a life other than Stephanie. So yeah, it’s very sad, I know.
Sunday, well it wasn’t much better at all so if you want, you can stop reading now. I went to church at New Horizon which I do every Sunday morning now with guess who!?!?!?! STEPHANIE!!! Sunday after church we grabbed some food and I went home and fell asleep again. If you haven’t figured out, I love to sleep. Sunday, a little later, I went to my friend’s house which it actually wasn’t Stephanie so that was something new for my weekend. Later that evening I went back to the crib and that was my fun filled weekend. Thank you for actually reading this and caring a little bit.

My 17th Birthday, by Jordan Williams

So this Saturday is my birthday. I will be 17. I plan on spending the morning with my boyfriend. The plan is for us to go out for breakfast, and then go to the flea market to look around and maybe buy something. Then, we will go back home and go out to eat with my mom, my two cousins, my grandma, friend and maybe my mom’s boyfriend if he’s here.
 Then I plan on doing a little shopping while we are out. That night, I plan on going to the movies with my boyfriend to see Alice and Wonder Land. I hope everything goes right this whole week and weekend, so that my birthday will be great, because you only turn 17 once. lol. I am hoping that I get a lot of money for my birthday instead of clothes and that kind of stuff.

Trip to Tampa, by Dylan

 Last year my trip to Tampa was one of the funniest times I’ve have had in a while. My dad and I went to go see some of our friends that live down there for the weekend. We left on a Thursday morning and drove all the way there. That was a long, long drive, but it was worth it to me. We went to a place called Brandon Ford. They had all types of high performance mustangs and F-150’s.

Car Trip, by Omar

This weekend I spent my time on the interstate and highways. I went to New Burn, NC to pick up my uncle and take him to the airport. On Friday night, I left at 5:00AM from my house with my father. We spent two hours driving there to Kinston to meet them and about 30 minutes to get to their house.  Then, after getting everything packed up we left to go back to my house. 

On the way back, my dad took over the wheel and I got to sleep. We got home and got to eat some posole that my mom made. After the meal we went to sleep, to get ready to wake up early. At 4:00AM we went inside RDU Airport and they got their luggage checked. Their plane departed at 6:00AM. Then I got ready for school and I am still very tired.