Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A History: Old Horse Knows the Way, by Dianwen

Guanzhong and Xipeng (two tacticians), followed the King of Qi on a crusade. Spring passed and winter came; they got lost on the way home with no guide available. Guanzhong suggested,"We can take advantage of the intelligence of old horses." And so they released old horses ahead of the army, and followed them as they would well go. Actually, they found the right way back.
As they marched in mountains and found no water, Xipeng said, "Ants live in the south side of a mountain in winter and in the north side in winter. There is water eight feet under ants' lair." So they dug ant liars and found water.
Despite Guanzhong and Xipeng's wisdom, they didn't regard learning from old horses and ants as shameful things to do. People nowadays, however, avoid admitting their ignorance and learning from the saint. Isn't the ignorance, then, their fault?

A History: Scrape The Bone Clear of Toxin, by Dianwen

Guanyu(famous general in Han dynasty) injured his right arm by a poison arrow in a battle. Poison permeated into his bone' soldiers urged him to return to camp for treatment, but Guanyu refused. So they went to search for good doctors as Guanyu's injury became more and more serious.
One day, came a doctor named Huatuo (earliest practitioner of surgery) who was asked to make a cure especially for Guanyu.

Huatuo said,"I'm afraid you'll get scared. Set a ring on a pillar, fasten the arm in the ring, and cover your eyes, Therefore I shall give you the operation."

Guanyu laughed and said,"It's not necessary." He gave Huatuo banquet. At the banquet, Guanyu began playing chess with others after drinking some wine, and at the same time he gave his arm to Huatuo. Huatuo cut the skin and flesh, then scraped the bone with a knife. People around were so terrified that they covered their eyes, while Guanyu lightly drank and played chess.

A full basin of blood had gathered by the end of operation. After Huatuo had sewed his arm, Guanyu came to his feet, laughed and said, "Now my arm stretches smoothly just like before. You are such a supernatural doctor, Mr.Huatuo!"
Huatuo said, "I had never saw anyone as extrodinary as you since I became a doctor. General is truly a good-man."

Just Me, Just You, by Jazmine

I'll do for other, before I ever do for myself,
but thats just me.

I'll give people second chances when they don't deserve them,
but thats just me.

Ill listen before I'll ever speak out,
but thats just me.

You have to crawl before you walk.
You have to walk before you run.
Run before you jump,
but when you jump,
jump high.

Attempt to be the best you,
because thats just you.

Liking and Wondering, by Jazmine

I really like you,
but I just can't tell people
   who you are.
But why should I care what they think?
Because I care about them!

But you make me happy; I just can't stop smiling when I'm around you, so the question is what do I do? Should I just go with what makes me happy?


Or please others. 

Move On . . . , by Jazmine

Sometimes I know, other times I just can't figure it out.
It's not that I have doubt, but if I did
       I wouldnt pout,
I'd just
    pick up
where I left off
and finish my route.

He Lied, by Jazmine

If he said he was perfect, he lied.
If he told you he wouldn't lie, he lied.
If he said you could always trust him, he lied.
If he said he would never hurt you or make a mistake, he lied.
When she woke up from her bad dream, she cried because he lied!


Fear, by Jazmine

My fear is losing you
My fear is that ill leave and you'll forget all about me.
My fear is that you'll replace me.
My fear is that wheen im gone you wont miss me.
Losing you is my fear.

Baby Star, by Jazmine

Baby you'er the air that I breathe,
My star that shines at night, makes my heart bright.
You give me a feeling deep in my soul that makes me know, I'm in love.
My heart beats triple when you're near me,
    baby me without you is like a heart with no beat,
you keep giving me what I need.

Love, by India

You don't know how I'm feeling.

I have yet to realize,

Desire inside me.

Can you see it in my eyes?

I tremble when I’m near.

Your warm air travels up my neck,

and I want you right then and there.

I just can't describe the feeling.

Dare I reach out to touch you?

Do you think you’d realize,

How much I want and need you?

Can you see it in my eyes?

Education, by India

Today education is a good thing to have in many ways. When you graduate, you can get a good job, go into the army, or just start a good life all together. You can’t do much without a high school diploma. Back when my mom was growing up, you really didn't need a high school diploma to get a job. You could go in the army and everything. Now, if you want to make it in life, it’s best to stay in school. And for teens that want to drop out, I wouldn't do it. That's a waste of life. You can get so much more out of life rather than dropping out.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Remember all the times laughing together,

sharing secrets and hanging out,

We always said friends forever,
and new what each other was all about,
We had fun all the time,
the days were bliss,
you were my partner in crime,
those are the days I miss,
The days that you wiped away my tears,
told me he wasnt good enough,
We shared each others fears,
stood by each others sides when times grew ruff,
I memorized everything about you friend,
now you are gone,
We said till the end,
Now I am alone,
You are still my best friend,
I am still here,
remember I have till the end,
Soon I will be near.

Charlie's Angel

The day that you left us
You didn't say good-bye.
God was calling his angel home,
There was no time to ask why.
How we cried when you left
The pain was felt by all.

Memories now is all we have
And your pictures on the wall.
Though I cannot see you,
I know that your still here.
In my memories you will always live,
In my heart you're always near.

Tears have fallen for you,
Some happy and some sad.
A man that I grew up to love,
A man I called my Grand-Dad.

We miss you very dearly,
You're missed very much.
You will never be forgotten,
You're in a child's touch.

I Miss You, by Jazmine

I wonder how the time can change,
When one second was mine, why the other feels strange?
My whole life turns out by the minute you go.
You didn't even look back, nor had the courtesy to show.
I used to imagine days, which have yet to come, what they would be about.
Now, I can't even sleep, scared that the dream that I will see, one day that will fall out.
Did I make it that easy for you to walk in and out of my life?
Now, I close the door when I see any ray of light.
All alone, I try to regain the strength and start a new day.
But I found myself lost as you used to show me the way.
I just want to ask her for one last time that –
Why did you make me laugh, when at the end you have to make me cry?
Why did you let me in, when at the end you say that I mean to pry?
All my life I had been walking under the sky.
But it was you who made me realize that it is blue.
Doesn't matter how strong I act, truth is I am always going to miss you.