Monday, April 26, 2010

Last Night

Last night words flew between us,
Words that stuck sharper than a dagger.
Love is more dangerous
Than a fully loaded gun
And we both learned that the hard way.

Last night tears ran heavily from my eyes
While you stood there and watched.
You stood away, not sure what to do.
I cast you away from me,
I didn't want you near me.
You left and I cried alone.

Last night you apologized to me for everything you did,
Everything you said and thought.
I couldn't accept your fake sorry.
I could finally see your fake love
Through the cracks in your mask.

Last night you broke me in two.
I spent the rest of the night alone
Without your arms around me.
Last night we said goodbye
Jazmine Williamson


In no way did I mean to want you so bad.
I never expected to crave your kiss.
I didn't think you would catch me if I fell.
You didn't think I would catch you if you fell.

I'm sorry I interrupted your life.
Forgive me for just barging in.
Now that I'm gone you can move on.
Now that you're gone I can move on.

I'm sorry for loving you with all my heart.
Forgive me for caring for you so intently.
You're sorry we were ever together.
I'm sorry I made us come together.

Strong, by Jazmine

Her eyes, so brown
Her cheeks, so rosey
Her hair, so black
Her arms so, cozy

Her smile, so happy
Her hands, so small
Her posture, so strait
She stands so tall.

She knows he's not coming back.
She knows he's gone.
Though she smiles
As if nothing's wrong.

She sheds no tears
She cries not at all
She hums so softly
Her smile never falls.

I Miss You . . . by Jazmine

The pain and the emptiness in my heart won't go away,

but I know I have to try and get through each day.
Saying one thing and then trying to see it through
seems much harder now than it used to do.
If only we could talk to each other and say "all is okay,"
it would make life so much more bearable today.

If you leave, dont ever come back! by Jazmine

You've opened old feelings
These that took years to begin healing

But you find your way through me
Like a map, you know where to find the soft in me

I cannot help but give in
I miss your heart, I used to live in

Don't leave me again!

I'm vulnerable but I can't keep this invisible shield
Any longer, I can't yield

If you leave, do not ever return
'Cause if you do my heart won't seize to yearn.

Time Passes, by Jazmine

Time elapses,
Time passes,
It has a mind of its own,
Time goes by so quikly, it makes me want to moan,
And since time goes by so fast,
Make all the time you have last.

Tear, by Jazmine

I tried to not show how I felt
the day you broke my heart,
It sucked in everything I had
because I knew I had my pride,
but just that one simple tear that
went down my face and I swore to
you that my pain was real, but
even by letting that one tear fall
was a mistake I made by showing
you, you really did break my heart.

It's My Time, by Jazmine

I've been in a rough situation lately

All of these things running through my mind,

Not knowing what to do or say

And wanting to leave all that's bad behind,

I decided I needed time for myself

Time to just let out and be me,
Time to go on and see what the future has for me.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What I'm Celebrating, by Camaron

I think people loose track of what there is to be happy for and to celebrate.They loose track of this because there are too many negative things around them like their parents fighting or they are tied up in the wrong crowd. I think people should pull out the things that are worth celebrating for and focus on them instead of the negative things. I believe that if everybody would do that the world would be better.

I celebrate everyday for something .I believe that you should if it just makes you happier and in a better mood all the time. When you don't focus on the bad stuff, you also have a clearer mind and you can get school done or you can get whatever job you are trying to do. When I get older, I will still feel the same way about this.

I celebrate for just being alive and in good condition, just being able to wake up and do what I want to do. Instead of a dictator telling you what to do should be worth celebrating for, but people tend to forget about stuff like that when it never happed to them. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is to always look on the up side because things could always get worse and I'm sure there is someone out there worse off than you. So don't worry be happy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Tour of Duke University, by Dianwen

It's an ideal Saturday, after-rain, clear and cool. I started the pleasant journey to the west campus of Duke by bike as the sun withdrew its domination of the temperature. This time I picked as many available roads in the shade of forests as possible; the difference in temperature and air between forest path and streets was a great surprise.

It only took about 80 minutes to get there with all those traffic lights green. Ha. A length of path in campus smelled precisely of grape juice, thanks to some blooming trees hiding from me. I sought out a better area where more fancy old buildings and plants lie and more Blue Devils gathered around. I admire them.

The Art museum ticket is free on Thursday, the only day I stayed at home in spring break mending a busted front tire. From there, I moved on because there are more Thursdays that lie beyond. I feel excited about this fact.

I hesitated several more times before taking myself down from the bike where I could see bodies and tops of old towers which seemed pretty nice. I went into a tall tower to find out why it was built so large and singing music of organ. Ah, now don't you laugh at me. If you already know that it is a church, I should have taken you along.

A group of young Indians was just coming out. "So what do you want to see next?" Asked a boy.
"Flowers." A girl answered. And they walked away.

They might be with a student guiding his relatives. I pushed the door open and realized at once where I'm going. The beauty and greatness inside multiplied in times. It reminds me of facing the ocean and the starful sky. Few people were in but it is never empty. Taking pictures, slowly tracing the path, trying to knock the whole of it in their mind. Some people sat, felt, and prayed in silence. A mosquito here would pray before stinging.

Plants here grow better than many other places I've been so far these months. Maybe it's the soil or climate. There is a piece of land with a big stack of flowers in the same shape: I fooled myself counting their colors.

I used to see marks left by people on architectures, but here those old corridors and architectures stand without a scratch.

A crowd of students set up potlucks for funding in a backyard like area. I bought a sandwich and the money will be donated for ill kids. They seemed to quite enjoy what they were doing.

There are many tourists hanging about as well. Wind blows a Chinese word or two from either students or tourists. I wander imagining that I'm a student of this university, and have fun pretending to be.

I captured a swing chair to finish the itty-bitty sandwich. It has six seats in total, with a table not right in the middle but close to one row and far from the other, so either a skinny or plump body can fit in.

There is a library beside the church with few people in it today. Time was running out, if I didn't leave at once I would reach home in dark. I saw no more than historical and statistical books. A guy studied over an immense terrestrial globe. He was scratching his head as I passed back. It's so quiet, but the doors can't help shutting themselves aloud.

The campus is much more peaceful now. I laughed at the idea that I'm always welcome to have a visit, but that's all. I enjoy this rich afternoon.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Such a Perfect Girl, by Jorden

you told me a lie
you said you loved me
I believed you but why?
I guess it was all just a game
maybe I thought you were different
that you wouldn’t be the same.
I was such a fool
to trust in everything you said
I thought I loved you!
your words cut my heart like a knife
when the truth came out
baby, I loved you, you were my life.
you heard all of my fears
all my secrets all my dreams
you would listen until I broke down in tears.
but none of that matters anymore:
you obviously never cared
you had to go and shut that door.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The End, by Jazmine

Stuck in a cycle with no end
I feel as though the world will end
If you leave me alone now my friend
And if you should just chose to stray
I'll hold this cross at night and pray
For your return to our sacred place
The day I get to see your face
We'll spin and laugh and dance and cheer
For to my heart you will again be near
No more negative thoughts of sorrow
For I will see you again tomorrow
In the sun we stay together
Like two birds of a feather
We soar up high on the swing
And watch as leaves dance in the wind.
We'll enjoy our time in this light
For you must take your leave tonight
Though you'll leave me alone I won't cry
Because I'm sure this isn't our last goodbye

Cry, byJazmine

You hugged me as if i was dying;
Even though I was just crying;
Those tears I cried felt almost like glass
As they shattered all over the grass
I kept on crying
Until I saw your tearful eyes
And saw the person who I thought never cried
I realized that we feel the same pain
Like a thousand shards of shattered tears
There was no longer any fear.

Have You Ever? by Jazmine

Have you ever felt so worthless,
That you would do anything to hear someone say they care?
Have you ever cried yourself to sleep,
Even after someone said 'I love you. Get some sleep'?
Have you ever spoke to someone like they meant everything to you,
And they still talked down upon you?
Have you ever had to hide your face,
Just so no one saw the tears well up?
Have you ever been so caught up in the past,
That you'd still arguing knowing that you are more than wrong?
Have you ever had someone tell you to text them if you were bored,
But wouldn't because you didn't want to ruin their day?
Have you ever felt empty,
Because you were never needed for anything?
Have you ever hung your head,
Because you weren't strong enough?
Have you ever looked at you reflection,
And asked,
Am I really worth it?

Smile, by Jazmine

new ways
meeting new people
And she was herself
in such a short time
one steals her heart
and she'll always remember
this person
who made her laugh
and helped her realize
that life's better
when you look through a smile.

Obsession, by Jazmine

I just wanted to feel your touch,
At last I had direction,
This thing I want so much,
Was you, perfection.

The nights gone,
But your still around,
It's been so long,
Since I heard your voice sound.

You came into the corner of my sight,
And became the center of my attention,
For the rest of that night,
You were my obsession.

Not Sorryby Jazmine

I'm not sorry that you weren't there
I'm not sorry that you don't care
I'm not sorry that we don't get along
Right now I'm singing my own song
I'm not sorry that you're not here
Right now I don't live in fear
I'm not sorry that you don't call
Without you my life isn't dull
Without you I learned to stand alone
I will not be another clone
You had a choice and yours is made

Just Smile, by Jazmine

Laugh out loud,
being in the center of the crowd.
Keep a smile on your face,
pretend you have so much grace.
So no one sees you're dying inside,
you show no emotions and try and hide.
How can you believe in such a thing as fate,
when you walk around with so much weight?
Holding up others,
like they are your sisters and brothers.
Things that drag you so deep down,
i don't know how you don't drown.
You go on with your life,
hiding the scars you made with the knife.
Always there for your friends,
though you are wishing for the end.
Keep a smile on your face,
and wipe those tears from their place.