Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Miss You, by Jazmine

I wonder how the time can change,
When one second was mine, why the other feels strange?
My whole life turns out by the minute you go.
You didn't even look back, nor had the courtesy to show.
I used to imagine days, which have yet to come, what they would be about.
Now, I can't even sleep, scared that the dream that I will see, one day that will fall out.
Did I make it that easy for you to walk in and out of my life?
Now, I close the door when I see any ray of light.
All alone, I try to regain the strength and start a new day.
But I found myself lost as you used to show me the way.
I just want to ask her for one last time that –
Why did you make me laugh, when at the end you have to make me cry?
Why did you let me in, when at the end you say that I mean to pry?
All my life I had been walking under the sky.
But it was you who made me realize that it is blue.
Doesn't matter how strong I act, truth is I am always going to miss you.

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