Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A History: Scrape The Bone Clear of Toxin, by Dianwen

Guanyu(famous general in Han dynasty) injured his right arm by a poison arrow in a battle. Poison permeated into his bone' soldiers urged him to return to camp for treatment, but Guanyu refused. So they went to search for good doctors as Guanyu's injury became more and more serious.
One day, came a doctor named Huatuo (earliest practitioner of surgery) who was asked to make a cure especially for Guanyu.

Huatuo said,"I'm afraid you'll get scared. Set a ring on a pillar, fasten the arm in the ring, and cover your eyes, Therefore I shall give you the operation."

Guanyu laughed and said,"It's not necessary." He gave Huatuo banquet. At the banquet, Guanyu began playing chess with others after drinking some wine, and at the same time he gave his arm to Huatuo. Huatuo cut the skin and flesh, then scraped the bone with a knife. People around were so terrified that they covered their eyes, while Guanyu lightly drank and played chess.

A full basin of blood had gathered by the end of operation. After Huatuo had sewed his arm, Guanyu came to his feet, laughed and said, "Now my arm stretches smoothly just like before. You are such a supernatural doctor, Mr.Huatuo!"
Huatuo said, "I had never saw anyone as extrodinary as you since I became a doctor. General is truly a good-man."

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